MP + LP 2019 - Competition Outline

Our Esteemed Judges

Seng Mah

Seng is a photography teacher and mentor who owns Venture Photography Workshops and Tours, where he combines his love for photography and travel in teaching photography and taking guests on amazing travel photography adventures around the world. He has run thousands of courses in ten years of business, and taken photographers on photographic trips to destinations as diverse as Madagascar, India, Cambodia, Kenya, Italy, East Arnhem Land and New Zealand.

Seng is an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and has been involved in supporting numerous community-based photography events ranging from FotoFreo, Propel Youth Arts to the Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Seng’s Judging Philosophy

"When I judge an image, I look for what lies at its heart. Its message, story, emotion and mood. I want to be moved by an image: I want it to gain my attention, to get me looking longer and further into it, to engage my feelings and to make me connect with its subject. Images which tell a story, which involves me emotionally, which show creative and controlled use of light and composition are those that impress me as a judge. Showing your technical excellence in taking a photograph doesn't always mean that you will create an image that engages viewers; sharpness and exposure isn't everything. But a lack of technical proficiency can also weaken an image of a great subject. Light. Story. Meaning. Emotion. Composition. Connection. These are the elements that make for strong, prize-winning images. Create images with skill and with meaning, images that communicate a powerful message or story, and you're on the right track."

Steve Huddy

Steve grew up travelling through remote islands in the Pacific with my family. Photography was a way to occupy my time and document my travels. That’s where my photography journey began. I started my career doing many things including wedding and portrait photography and working in photographic labs. But my first full-time photography role was as a cruise ship photographer. I’ve also worked in sales for many different brands, which lead me to Canon. I’ve been here 13 years!

Ross De Hoog

Bio needed

Gary Jackson

Gary is a Portrait and Commercial photographer who has been involved in the photographic industry for more than 40 years. During this time I have my works exhibited in various international exhibitions and have received numerous awards for my photography. In addition I have also published several books featuring my photographic work.

Gary’s Judging Philosophy

  • Its composition, is it balanced and aesthetically pleasing?
  • How has the photographer used light? 
  • Does the image draw me in?
  • Does the image tell a story?
  • Does the image elicit emotion?

Creativity in image concept, composition and subject matter